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The Hammer, Vol. LVI

More, more, more big news on Lottie Street
March 16, 2023 at 5:00 a.m.

Executive Editor

Inflection Point: Our weekly “What’s the Deal With?” feature, a popular local fixture now for more than one-hundredth of a century, reminds the Hammer to bring this up: We’re on a mission of social science and skullduggery to propagate the admittedly odd pronunciation of Bham’s toniest ‘hood thusly: “Fair-HAY-vun.” Say it together, class. 

Please Share That Widely: Once it makes a full-circle trip around the county and comes back to us, we’ll do …  something huge. Let’s just play along and see. It can be a secret code for locals, perhaps.

Big News on Lottie Street: As our Ralph Schwartz points out this week: The race for mayor of the ‘Ham is already on, with candidate Kim Lund throwing what appears to be a capable hat in the ring, and Hizzoner Seth Fleetwood admitting that he’s back in the race, as well. Fun times ahead for politicos, with much on the city’s agenda.

And by “Agenda” We Mean: Important stuff to be fixed, oft bearing little relation to the city council’s actual naming-people-to-committee-fest biweekly agenda, at least the long-form version.

We Hate to Pick on the Newbie But: In her opening interview, Lund told CDN: “We can all agree that we shouldn't have open drug use on our streets downtown.” Based on Monday’s council discussion, she might have to dial that one back a bit.

Just Noting: In researching various old times in the city’s previous-century history, Hammer has seen a long-running trend: Much argument and cajoling about the prospect of public, versus private, power for the region. In this week’s CDN nearly a century later: “Whatcom County Public Utility District No. 1 concludes public power not financially feasible.” Safe to say this is not for lack of trying. But lots of interesting history there. 

This Just In: Bremerton’s “praying football coach,” rested up from his 15-Minute Publicity Tour, will return to the sidelines for the upcoming football season, The Seattle Times reports. Dude is going to be in a bright spotlight, self-imposed. Thoughts and pra … oh, never mind.

And Finally: We’re going to just let this headline stand on its own, with all the attendant only-in-America implications: “U.S. Rep. Santos files paperwork for possible reelection bid.”

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