Title IX at 50
is a three-part series exploring and reporting on how the federal law has impacted and changed lives of Whatcom County women in sports over the past half-century. At times controversial, the legislation has gone a long way toward leveling the playing field for girls and women since its inception in 1972.
Editor's note: Due to broad public interest in this subject, this series has been made available outside the newspaper's paywall as a public service by Cascadia Daily News.

Written by Cassidy Hettesheimer // Edited by Meri-Jo Borzilleri

Part I: Terri McMahan holds a brick honoring Title IX outside of Carver Gym at Western Washington University on Sept. 26. McMahan played on Western's volleyball team in the 1970s and is in the university's athletics hall of fame.

Part I: From bake sales to chartered buses

How Title IX changed sports at WWU and in Whatcom County:
Local culture includes early history of women’s recreation, sports teams and ‘kickass athletes’

Read part one, which details Title IX’s significant influence on Western Washington University and local sports figures.

Part II: Western Washington University head coach Carmen Dolfo huddles with her basketball team before the NCAA Division II Elite 8 game against Glenville State on March 23.

Part II: Coaching and leading in the Title IX era

Longevity is a hallmark for Western Washington University, Bellingham schools

Read part two, which examines the legacy and influence of female coaches and athletes in Whatcom County.

Part two includes the interactive timeline below.

Part III: The Radical Rippers wind through the pump track at the Bike Ranch in Bellingham this summer. The young female-identifying and nonbinary riders participated in a three-day camp to learn mountain biking basics.

Part III: Room to Grow: Title IX influence extends beyond school walls, campuses

Stage is set for more diversity, accessibility for girls in recreational sports in Whatcom

Read part three, which examines what Title IX will look like for future sportswomen in Whatcom County.